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We’ve used Helen on numerous occasions for one of our legal clients and will continue to do so. Her work is always professional and accurate and communication is always timely. She isn’t fazed by technical or complex text and we know we can rely on her to get the job done to an excellent standard and on schedule.

Gareth Chadwick, Managing Director, Wordsworks


Helen is my 'Go To' person for all books and documents that need proofreading. She is exceptional and a total joy. Her work is first class and I would recommend her to anybody.  

Jayne Packer

I have worked with Helen for the past 6 months, where she has always been so enthusiastic and has a great eye for detail. Helen wants to ensure that every job is of the highest standard and will ask questions rather than assume. My only regret is that we didn’t connect sooner!

Harriet, Penstripe

It's obvious that Helen enjoys her work, making the proofing stage of our quarterly magazine Marine Conservation easy and a pleasure. Helen is very professional, reliable and thorough in her approach to her work and it is reassuring to have her give our high quality, professional magazine a thorough look over from cover to cover. She helps to eradicate all typographical errors and is willing to give advice on points of readability and grammar. She works well under the pressure of what are always very tight deadlines. 

Luca Bonaccorsi, Director of Engagement & Communications, Marine Conservation Society

Helen provides a reliable & professional service. The quality of her proofreading & proof editing is exceptional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for error free & consistent literature.

Charlotte, local businesswoman

Helen’s proofreading services are excellent!

I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional, thorough and detailed pair of eyes to check over their work.

Helen is reliable, methodical and swift in the delivery of her work, not to mention her friendliness and flexible approach.

Anne P., local businesswoman

Helen provides our organisation with a high quality proofreading service for technical, corporate and also tender submissions. Her willingness to take on complex documents in hard and soft copy at short notice is very welcome with a structured and comprehensive review provided to allow the documents to achieve the highest standard. Helen has excellent Microsoft skills in particular Word and is able to maximise the use of this application. I would highly recommend Helen.

Peter S., Managing Director, Clear Route Utility Services

Superb work by Helen. Very accurate and accommodating. When I pushed a tight deadline on her she pulled out all the stops to deliver on time. But her work remained top notch. Easy five stars.

Andrew F., businessman

I asked Helen to review a 1000-word document for me, she did an amazing job. She corrected hard to spot errors and made it much easier to read ... all within the same afternoon. Very happy.

Daniel T., business owner

Amazing experience with Helen. Fast and sharp. I highly recommend her.

Adriano E., businessman

I have used Helen multiple times for proofreading and consider her someone I can trust and rely upon. Helen has a strong eye for detail and extensive knowledge about spelling, punctuation and grammar. I always have full confidence in my documents being error free. Helen also has the ability to work to tight deadlines, and can turnaround documents quickly whilst maintaining the quality.

Estelle K., Amberjack

I was writing my final year PhD thesis and needed help with proofreading. Helen was recommended to me by my colleague at Nottingham University. She has done fantastic work by checking my grammar, spelling and scientific writing of my entire thesis to a very high standard. My supervisors were very pleased with the style of writing and therefore gave me less correction work to do. Helen saved me a lot of time, not only editing my actual writing, but also giving me several ideas of how to structure the chapters and sometimes giving suggestions on the content. She has been very reliable, meeting my constantly moving difficult deadlines, and was extremely flexible in giving up her weekends when I really needed it. I couldn't have asked for better help. I strongly recommend Helen to anyone who needs a good proofreader.

Sergey, 4th year PhD candidate in Bioanalytical Pharmacy

I am a pharmacist doing my PhD in the UK. I have been working with Helen for almost two years. She has proofread many documents for me. She has impressed me in her ability to review many different document formats: Word, PowerPoint and also different writing styles, both formal and informal.  

Helen has saved me a lot of time and has taken away the need to keep looking for different proofreaders from various websites. I just send her an email with my work attached and plan the time. Sometimes I put Helen under pressure with respect to time, but I can say with confidence that she delivers to deadline.

I have now worked intensively with Helen during the past two years. Her email replies and her efforts are outstanding.

I would strongly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a smooth process with a person that you can trust in terms of both time and quality.

Abdulhakem, PhD student

I am dealing with Helen for a lot of my MSc assignments, essays and in publication as well. Really, she is a very professional and helpful proofreader. I would personally recommend Helen to any student who is looking to be distinctive.

Mohammed, MSc student 

Helen’s work is really good! Thanks for your proofreading for my dissertation!

Anqi, MSc student

Helen was extremely supportive and helped me so much. She always got back to me quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Helen, for your kindness.

Kumari, PhD student


Helen Ogilvie
Professional Proofreading

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