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Student services

As a professional proofreader, I will check your work – whether it be a research paper, dissertation, or PhD thesis – to ensure it is free from common errors which, if overlooked, could cost you valuable marks.

My student proofreading services include:

  • Proofreading for typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, grammar, correct use of words, syntax and sentence structure

  • Ensuring your text reads easily, has clarity and is consistent in style (UK versus US spelling, for example) 

  • Ensuring reference style used is consistent


Before submitting your work for proofreading, please ensure that it is formatted and that you have performed a spellcheck. Please try to ensure your references conform to your chosen style, and that you have applied it consistently throughout. If your educational establishment has its own style guide, please send a copy of this with your work.

Please note: I will correct the work you send to me. I cannot rewrite your thesis or dissertation or change the structure or content.  

Please check whether you need permission from your college to use a proofreading service.

Image by Vasily Koloda

Helen Ogilvie
Professional Proofreading

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